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How to Cure a Hangover

December 2, 2011

If you are anything like me then you suffer from dreadful hangovers.  I like a good drink (or 20, curse of being a rugby player) – but I really do suffer for it the next morning.

So I have hunted around for the best hangover cures…and found all sorts of daft ideas that are meant to ‘cure’ the hangover.  the problem is they never seem to work.

Which is why I was not surprised to read the latest research on how to cure a hangover.  It seems scientists have discovered that the best hangover cure is, wait for it, aspirin and coffee.

Hands up who is shocked?  No, me either.

Interestingly though it seems they are more powerful than first thought.  As well as giving anti-inflammatory powers in the aspirin, and energy in the coffee, it seems they combine to help us deal with the ethanol – a byproduct of the amount of alcohol we drank the night before, and which is present in large amounts in those with a hangover.

The problem is that these deal with energy and pain, and cure is quicker, but often we don’t “feel” better.  So how do we solve that?

Some more research has shown that the problem lays in alcohol being a diuretic – put simply it causes us to urinate a lot.  What does this mean?

Simply put – we pass out a lot of minerals and salts as we pee – minerals and salts that we need in our body to feel well.  Interestingly enough these are the same salts that are lost when athletes perspire.

Which is why we can turn to the same solutions.  We need to replace liquid and salts in the same way as athletes do…which means that using what they do, the isotonic drinks, can really help us.

These drinks are carefully formulated to replace what we have lost from our bodies, helping our body to recover quicker and have us feeling healthier quicker.

Spot on for what we need really…so the answer to curing a hangover?  Coffee, asprin and sports drinks.  And lots of rest!


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