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Acne Cures?

December 3, 2011

If you were anything like me growing up then you would suffer occassional (and prolonged) flare ups of acne.  As a teenager it is dreadful, and gets no better for adult acne.  It can effect your confidence, how people see you and your entire personality.

Which is why so many people are hunting for ‘acne cures’, ways of getting rid of acne.  Medical science has increased dramatically over the last few decades, so it comes as no surprise that there has been a number of breakthroughs in this area.  No complete solution exists as yet, but it does lead us to believe we are looking in the right areas.


One of the main areas that are being looked at is how various forms of vitamins can effect our skin, including with regards acne.  There have been a number of promising studies that suggest a couple of different vitamins have an important role to play in helping to keep our skin healthy.

The main 2 areas being researched are

Vitamin B – aka pantothenic acid.  This works by effecting coenzyme-A – aka CoA.  This is known to have a role to play in regulating hormones.  Importantly if you don’t have enough vitamin B to interact with CoA you are then left with developing Androgens.  Andgrogens are far from ideal – they cause the secretion of fatty acids into glands, which in turn cause spots.

But research has shown that if we were to ‘supercharge’ out vitamin B intake the amount of pantothenic acid that interacts with the CoA reduces the fatty acids in the skin, causing us to reduce the amount of acne breakouts that we have.  This ‘pantothenic acne cure‘ can really boost our efforts in helping beat acne.

Vitamin D – A vitamin D acne cure has also been mooted in a number of places.  We know that we tend to have less acne breakouts in the summer, and it is believed that this is because the vitamin D that develops because of our interaction with sunlight helps to reduce the acne severity.

Those that undertook a trial to see if increased vitamin D intake could help beat acne would pleased with the results – 47% were cured in the first 3 months, whilst another 27% saw an improvement.

Neither of these is exactly an ‘acne cue’…but it gives hope for the future and both point to the fact that increasing your vitamin b5 and D intakes can lead to healthier, acne free skin.  I wish I knew that as a teenager!


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